Drug Discovery News

November 2022

Heart cells grow to their own beats

For neurological disorders, milk-based therapies are on the way

Delivering smart solutions for osteoarthritis

3D genomics reveals targets for aggressive childhood cancers

October 2022

Viral reactivation may cause CAR T cell-induced neurotoxicity

Infusing CRISPR therapeutics with safety and soul

Tattoo therapeutics deliver medicine more than skin deep

September 2022

Lipoproteins hide Lyme bacteria from the immune system

Missing mutations solve a genetic mystery

Science comedy gets to the heart of science communication

Explainer feature: What the pox is going on?

July/August 2022

Metabolomics open a window into better cancer treatments

Predicting immune responses to vaccination

Menstrual blood holds the key to better diagnostics

Bacterial nanosyringes are drug and delivery all in one

June 2022

Self-amplifying RNA may reduce side effects associated with RNA vaccines

A “morning-of” pill for on-demand contraception

An infective spark for Alzheimer’s disease 

Infographic: Next-generation nanoparticle delivery

Human-mouse hybrids accelerate nanoparticle discovery

Gut microbes may predict the effectiveness of anthelminthic drugs

May 2022

Goodbye biopsies, non-invasive diagnostics for fatty liver disease are here

Shrinking toys inspire diagnostics and wearable sensors of the future

Safer eye floater treatments come with a burst of nanobubbles

Scientific research is a series of infinite mysteries

April 2022

A microbial signal from the gut promotes obesity

A pandemic lost in translation

Epithelial cells use immune proteins to find and remove precancerous cells

A new weight loss strategy turns fat into energy

Snakebite antivenoms step into the future

Brain cancer meets its match with focused ultrasound treatment

March 2022

The quest for a respiratory syncytial virus vaccine is almost complete

Ultra-rare childhood fevers are no match for this scientist

Opportunity and teamwork lead to new staph infection treatments

Scientists developed a vaccine targeting all mosquito-transmitted diseases

February 2022

Scientists investigate the COVID-19 vaccine-menstruation mystery

Expanding the genetic code with quadruplet codons may lead to new drugs

Invisible pandemics persist alongside COVID-19

January 2022

A viral decoy blocks cancer cell proliferation

From superfood to medicine maker, spirulina is a new cellular factory

Warring fungi produce new drugs for cancer and infectious disease

Animal microbiomes hold the key to new antifungals

Sea cucumbers and starfish reveal the secrets of stem cells and regeneration

Aloe vera may soothe bladder pain

December 2021

Salamanders hold the secrets to limb regeneration

November 2021

Meet the microrobots primed to take down cancer

Ivermectin is a wonder drug, but not a cure-all

Tracking autism from birth to diagnosis with the microbiome

October 2021

Fish skin heals the toughest wounds

A new molecule disrupts tuberculosis by cutting off cholesterol

A neurosteroid hope for postpartum depression

Decoding cell behavior and disease with AI and single-cell transcriptomics

Chagas disease is an invisible heartache that preventative screening can heal

Harnessing cells’ own RNA editing tools for new therapeutics 

Targeting gut bacteria to treat autism

September 2021

A live parasite vaccine for deadly leishmaniasis

Resiliency in Science

Prescribing art therapy for Parkinson’s disease

CAR T cell therapy gives glioblastoma patients hope

July/August 2021

Skin cells use epigenetics to tolerate microorganisms

Keolu Fox revises historical narratives with genome data

Depleting skin immune cells helps treat cutaneous lupus

A shark antibody shuttles neuroprotection across the blood brain barrier

Infographic: Hitchhiking Microbes

Keeping astronauts healthy in space

Space alters an astronaut’s immune system

June 2021

A small molecule inhibitor blocks breast cancer’s back up plan

Activating a brain circuit relieves pain in male mice, but not in female mice

Can a probiotic prevent type 1 diabetes in children?

May 2021

Light and sound stimulation improves early Alzheimer’s disease symptoms

You Have Your Mother’s Eyes — and Cells

Killing Cancer Cells by Stressing Them Out

Hibernating animals may help cure complex human disease

Platelets Take Down Bacteria with the Help of a Trusty Anti-Viral

A New Tool called Rewind Finds Rare Cells Primed for Drug Resistance

Scientists Repurposed an Orphan Drug to Kill Blood-Feeding Tsetse Flies

Discover Magazine

How Science Is Saving Van Gogh’s Flowers Before They Fade Away (May 2021)

Quanta Magazine

A New Algorithm for Graph Crossings, Hiding in Plain Sight (September 2020)

The Los Angeles Times

Column One: Doctor-poets search for the right words to help patients heal

Ocean robots take the pulse of our planet by measuring microbes

Bones pulled from the La Brea Tar Pits show the perils of being a picky eater

Everything you need to know about toxic algae blooms

Gender gap in STEM fields could be due to girls’ reading skills, not math ability

210,000-year-old skull in Greece is earliest sign of modern humans in Europe or Asia

Trees could reduce carbon in the atmosphere to levels not seen in nearly 100 years

Archaeologists have a new way to unlock the secrets of ancient burned bones

Marathon runners get a boost from the bacteria in their guts

Experiment with ‘lost’ wallets reveals that people are surprisingly honest


Frog Eyes Might Be the Key to Retinal Regeneration

The Beneficial Effect of Exercise on DNA Methylation

Up All Night and Asleep All Day: How Jet Lag Impacts Epigenetics

How a C. elegans Histone Methyltransferase Targets Regions to Silence

Hidden in Plain Sight: How Altering Heterochromatin Disguises Malaria from its Host

An Epigenetic Link to Recurrent Miscarriage

MicroRNAs Team Up to Take Down Brain Cancer

Losing Heterochromatin to Determine Cell Fate

Ripening Oranges with Epigenetics

Low HDAC3 Expression Leads to Endometriosis-Linked Infertility

Untangling the Role of Tau on the Epigenome of Alzheimer’s Brains

Cellular Antivirus: How Foreign DNA is Hushed

Implicating Methylation Variability in Depression

A Flash-Frozen View of Condensing Chromatin

HDAC Inhibitor Stops HPV in its Tracks

Balancing Bones: Epigenetic Regulators Are Important for Maintaining Bone Homeostasis

Mapping the Chromatin Landscape of Cancers

A Role for Histones in Paternal Epigenetic Inheritance

A Simultaneous Picture of Gene Expression and Chromatin Landscape in Single Cells

Aging Promotes Tissue Regeneration and Less Scar Formation

Signal to Noise Magazine

A Burst of Blue Thousands of Years in the Making

Constellations: A Play of Multiple Universes and Infinite Possibilities

Tales of Trailblazing Women in Science

Calling a Microscopic Quorum: How Fungi Communicate

Of Spies and Space-Time: The Science Behind Marvel’s Agent Carter

Stabilizing the Blood-Brain Barrier Against Invading Parasites

When Viruses and Carbon Nanotubes Collide: A Novel Approach to Cancer Imaging